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The average person is not exactly sure when the fitness craze began. One might say, “mid 80s,” but even the average person would admit (without hesitation) that the fitness craze is definitely gathering momentum. Today I would like to call everyone’s attention to a website that definitely takes advantage of the fitness craze,

Personal Trainers in Davie Florida

The homepage shows pictures of fully stocked gym. But unlike other gyms, nutritional supplements, exercise routines, and the like that have sort of popped up over night as the fitness craze gathers momentum, this site represents 5 personal trainers Davie, Florida. These personal trainers–Mark, Anna, Shirley, Amy, and Hector–will whip one in to shape and do so in a one-on-one environment.

Many people associate personal training with the wealthy population who have money to spare (pay) for this one-on-one environment. This use to be valid, but this is no longer the case. As the page linked at the beginning of this paragraph asserts, if you are “Tired of the way you look and feel” and you “Want to change” things, “but don’t even know where to begin,” then “You need a personal fitness trainer. In this article, I will review each of the 5 personal trainers in Fort Lauderdale (Davie), Florida that I have mentioned.
Mark is listed first among the personal trainers in Davie Florida because he has the most experience. Mark has worked in the fitness industry for 28 years. In the fitness, industry experience speaks loudly. For 14 of those years, he has competed professionally in bodybuilding, and he is now a National Physique Committee (NPC, a bodybuilding organization) champion. He is the stereotypical bodybuilder. He also specializes in flexibility and lifestyle coaching; therefore, he is far from the classic example of a bodybuilder.

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Mark is also quite involved with the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT). The NFPT certifies him as a personal trainer, nutrition instructor, advanced sports nutrition specialist, resistance training specialist, endurance training specialist, and above all as a master trainer. He is so heavily involved in this organization, because (for the past 6 years) Mark has held the position of NFPT proctor. This means he is responsible for teaching, training, and testing others who seek NFPT certification. And the preceding are not even all of Mark Smith qualifications, to see more of them please open the link.

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The second personal trainer Davie, Florida on is Anna and she too is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) recognized by the NFPT. Anna has a variety of formal education when it comes to the science of exercise. Anna Lafargue qualifications page tells how she “studied with the Academy of Advanced Human Performance at San Diego University receiving her fellowship in Human Performance and Exercise Science.” After a while she decided to continue her formal “education to keep [abreast of] the rapid advancements in exercise, sports nutrition, body sculpting, lifestyle modification, and total body wellness. Anna is a registered and certified ‘Poliquin Biosignature Modulation Practitioner’.” She is also a certified nutritional needs coach; this certification is “from [the] Global College of Natural Medicine where she studied with Dr. Andrew Weil and completed course studies in the Guide to Optimum Health.”

She specializes in resistance training, circuit training, core stabilization and strengthening, stretching, warm¬-ups/cool-down, the improvement/enhancement of muscle strength, flexibility, circulation, and endurance. Anna helps clients ameliorate their body composition and accelerate “weight loss[, so as] to achieve both short term goals and establish [improved] lifestyle behaviors.”

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The next personal trainer in Davie, on is Shirley. The biggest thing Shirley Sandoval qualifications page shares is that she was an Olympic gymnast for 8 years in her youth. Shirley definitely puts the personal back in personal trainer, the page notes how she “develops customized training programs to meet each individual’s needs and objectives.” She has a B.S. degree in Exercise Physiology from Florida Atlantic university.

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The fourth personal trainer Davie, Florida on is Amy qualifications who is a nationally certified personal trainer and has worked in the fitness industry for 12 years. Her main accomplishment has been bringing “her competitive edge into pushing clients to their highest level of fitness” which she was able to do, because of her past competition in track and as a gymnast. She trains athletes in strength and muscle conditioning and also shows her clients “no matter what your goals are, you can push your body past its’ comfort zone to get results.” Amy is all about “challenges through one on one training, boot-camps, group training, circuit training, athletic training, youth training, and now obstacle race training. She has brought a variety of workouts to her clients to keep them motivated.”

The fifth and final personal trainer in Davie, Florida on is Hector. He is a Certified Personal Trainer and a bodybuilder. He is a former competitive NPC bodybuilder. He has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. Hector has also appeared in top name health and fitness magazines and web sites. He was also among the top 5 finalists in the North American Bodybuilding Championships in 2004, 2005, and 2009. This is a very condensed list of his qualifications and achievements, for further details about Hector qualifications please open this link.

Sooner or later, age will catch up with you, if you do not actively workout, you will start to feel fatigued and start to put on more weight than you would appreciate. But, for career women, it is very difficult to manage her time and schedule to give some time for working out at the commercial gyms. It is just not possible to do everything in a day and yet have only twenty four hours in it. Therefore, to take care of this problem wouldn’t it be just great if you could have Personal trainers Davie to come to your home or a community gym around you to give you your daily workout?

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A personal trainer can be the difference between a workout and a result bearing, effective workout. Certified Personal Trainers Davie have the expertise to understand your body type and give you specific exercises that bear the most results making your time and money worth its value rather than just doing basic workouts with minimal or no effect on your body. A personal trainer is more than just a trainer, he can be your nutritionist who can help you with the kind of diet you are required to have, and he can help you with the kind of supplements required for you to take apart from providing a safe and effective training technique. He or she can give you his undivided attention so that your workout is not compromised at any cost.

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A personal trainer who can come to you at your timing and at your place would be of utmost convenience for working women. This would enable them to schedule training sessions at their own time without having to tamper much with their daily routine. This will even save a lot of time required to go to the gym and adjust with the working hours of the gym. Personal Trainers Davie are professionally trained to provide an exhausting and fruitful workout with the minimal requirement for equipment. They would be able to gauge your strength and stamina and always push you harder to achieve more. This would mean that working women don’t have to neglect their body and their health for their family and work; they can stay fit and be on top of their game and not let age dictate the terms to them, rather have a healthy workout daily, look age in the eye and keep getting fitter and feel younger every day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Usual reasons get in the way suck as, family, school; work, or maybe even a second job. Is half an hour efficient enough do get a complete workout? Yes, half an hour is more than enough time if a calculated plan of attack is implemented. If you want to build a bulky muscular body more time than half an hour will be needed. Can you build a muscular aesthetic body in half an hour? The answer is yes; workouts have to be done in a specific way. Cardio and Resistance training will have to be combined because cardio alone will eat up all the time available. What does one need to know when trying to implement a 30-minute workout? Agonist and Antagonistic workouts (supersets) allow for the opposing muscle to rest when the agonist is under contraction and the Antagonist is relaxing; the reason for this type of workout is so a person can consistently keep moving without resting. When the two main opposing muscle fatigue an active rest muscle can be utilized. What is an active rest muscle? Active rest is needed when the two main opposing muscles that are working reed a little recovery. If you are working two large muscles such as chest and back fatigue might set in, so instead of stopping and resting do a set of abs or calf. An active rest means a smaller muscle that is detached from the two main big muscles that you are working. And are small in size so the two main muscles have time to recover and your heart rate will not totally lower allowing you to stay in an aerobic state. Then you can go back to working chest and back, and take an active rest when needed. Is this what you would call a circuit? No this is not a circuit training workout supersets do not involve a total body workout. Super setting simply means working two opposing or opposite muscles. Working two opposing muscle groups will allow for the constant movement of the two muscles you are targeting.

What is the purpose of training using supersets’ antagonistic workouts? Training this way will keep your heart rate up, so the workout is both aerobic and anaerobic. That’s cardiovascular training and Resistance training combined. All this can be done in 30 minutes of applied correctly. Training like this will allow you to burn fat and build muscle consecutively.

Training this way will keep your heart rate up, so the workout is both aerobic and anaerobic. That’s cardiovascular training and Resistance training combined. All this can be done in 30 minute of applied correctly. Training like this will allow you to burn fat and build muscle consecutively.

I have experienced encountered many individuals who are that are looking for instant gratification. When it comes to having a great-looking Rectus Abdominis (six-pack), What issues arise when trying to attain a six-pack? Environmental situations that occur in our lives, Family, work, take most of the time in our day, and we do not even think about ourselves. What about quick abdominal fixes will that work? Most people start to look for a quick fix because time is of the essence. 95% of individuals will fail when trying to use an infomercial to accomplishing a personal fitness goal, such as having a six-pack (abdominals).

Carbohydrates plague everything most individuals eat, and the majority of the excess sugar eaten will gather around the abdominal wall (subcutaneous fat) and deep fat that covers or body organs (Visceral fat). Then we see TV infomercials stating that sugars the enemy are they correct? Sugar is not our enemy; it the glycemic load of food that is damaging to us as humans, not the glycemic index. What that means in simple terminology is that we need to be aware of the number of particular carbohydrates we are eating in one sitting. Infomercials are just trying to sell you another one of those products that will collect dust on your shelf. Money is their motivator.

Mostly yes, eating the right foods and overindulging will help keep insulin spikes at bay. What happens when the body has an insulin spike because too many carbohydrates are present in the bloodstream? The body will store surplus sugar in fat cells. Fat cells will store sugar rapidly so blood sugar levels can return to normal.

Yes, most exercises, when it comes to resistance training, require core activation. We have to understand that our core will develop without working abdominal directly. Most compound movements need the stomach and lower back stabilization for the majority of biomechanical exercises. It makes the activity being performed more stable. You may ask, what does all this information have to do with having a six-pack? Well, visceral fat and subcutaneous fat all gather in the stomach region, so that’s where sugar mostly will be store (reside). Having a six-pack involves losing subcutaneous and visceral fat, so the abdominal muscles can close the gap between your skin on your stomach. Getting the abnormal wall Close to your skin can be challenging to attain, considering losing adipose tissue is a daily battle. Ok, so the question is, why are abdominals made in the kitchen? Macronutrient management is required knowledge about how to combine the right foods together, so losing fat can be accelerated. 75 percent of weight loss is accomplished when a person eats correctly. Since a great deal of the food we eat is stored in fat cells around the stomach area, it would make sense that abs are mostly made in the kitchen. Believe it or not, there is a science behind food prepping.

There is a lot of controversy when it comes down to what is the best type of cardiovascular exercise for your particular goals. There are many types of cardiovascular exercise program. Aerobic, Anaerobic and H.I.T (High Intensity Training). What is the best one of all three of the cardio choices? Well that depends on your goals.

What is the best type of cardio to burn fat? Whatever type of cardio you prefer doing will stimulate some type of fat burning. Ok, so which type of cardio burns fat the best? Aerobic, anaerobic and H.I.T all burn fat, but aerobic training is the most efficient at Burning fat. Why does aerobic training burn fat more efficiently than both anaerobic training and H.I.T? The word aerobic (slow twitch muscle fiber) means an individual would have to move at a stead rhythmic pace for a long period of time in an oxygenated environment without breaking for a rest. Moving in an aerobic state would mean moving at the low end of your target heart rate. For example, if a person was jogging on the treadmill they could have to have a conversation with you if they needed to, but at the same time their breathing would be slightly compromised. The supply of oxygen and the demand of oxygen are being met; that simply means that the circulatory system is not being compromised and can supply working muscles with oxygen that would mean moving moderately slow. It is hard to burn fat when moving in an environment with no oxygen. Why is it that moving at a steady rhythmic pace will burns more fat (triglycerides)? Moving slowly allows the body to burn fat more efficiently, because fat is a more dense macronutrient. Fat has 9 calories per gram carbohydrates and protein only have 4 calories per gram. When moving to fast or rapidly your body would need a fast burning fuel that would be carbs. The bodies favourite macro to use when creating ATP (energy). As you can see fat is a slowest burning macro of them all because of the calorie density. Also carbohydrates have fewer calories that would mean an easier quicker fuel to burn. Moving at a steady slow rhythmic pace means an individual would burn a lot less calories, but the most of the energy be used would come from fat. Aerobic training uses mostly triglycerides to create movement and a small amount of glucose from the liver would be needed. What are the advantages of training in an aerobic environment? The hearts left ventricle will grow slightly and more capillary density around myofibril.

Anaerobic (deoxygenated) environment uses mostly glucose for to create ATP (energy). Moving in the manner would mean explosive fast twitch muscle fiber would have to be engaged. All gross movement are mostly white fast twitch fiber. What type of training is anaerobic, and what does that type of training entail? Moving at on a treadmill rapidly would mean after about two minute a persons breathing would be compromised, so oxygen supply and demand would not be met. What that means is the muscles working are moving so rapidly, that the circulatory system (heart) cannot meet oxygenation demands. How long your body can stay in a deoxygenated when is come down to cardio environment? Depends on your fitness levels, and how long you have been training in this type of environment . Can you burn fat at a fast pace in an anaerobic environment? The answer is yes, but the efficiency of mostly burning fat would be lost. Since it is hard to burn fat in a deoxygenated environment, fat burning would be at a minimum. Why would moving rapidly not be as efficient when trying to target fat burning? Moving at a fast pace means all the oxygen that the body intakes is immediately absorbed by the working muscles, and a faster burning energy would be needed to create energy at that time; carb is the preferred macronutrient the body likes to use to create ATP (energy) and burns a lot faster. Since you are moving rapidly, it would make sense because fat is to calories dense and burns slow. Also, fat burning efficiency is lost because there is not oxygen to support a lipolysis metabolism. Fat needs an oxygenated environment to create energy. What is the purpose or advantages of anaerobic training? Anaerobic training strengthen and conditions the heart, and the wall of the heart will grow thinker. That ultimately would mean a stronger stroke volume and skeletal muscular size increase.

Hit training is a combination of both aerobic and anaerobic training. What is entail in H.I.T training exercise? Training with a maximum output with intermitted breaks. What types of sports involve H.I.T training? Basketball, soccer, wrestling, MMA, boxing there are to many sports to list. All the sports listed involve high intensity burst with small-intermitted break then back to high intensity again. In other word you heart rate will be going up and down constantly. What fitness improvements can be made when working in a H.I.T environment? Since H.I.T is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic; Both the left ventricle capillary density and the walls of the heart would get thicker, But the degree of this adaptation would be a smaller change than both aerobic and anaerobic metabolisms. Also your resting heart rate would be greatly improved when working in this environment.

Are tendons an important factor when it comes to weight training? The simple answer is yes! Why are tendons important, and what are tendons responsible for? Tendons are a connective tissue that attaches muscle to bone ensuring there is a solid muscular connection between lean tissue and ones skeletal structure.  Connections between muscles and bones also help create bio mechanical movements that are needed for human mobility. Most individuals when starting a weight-training program want to build lean tissue, and their only concern is muscle hypertrophy and becoming stronger. Lean tissue development in the first two months when starting a weight-training program ones muscular development will be rapidly, but tendons hypertrophy is slow to improve. Your piers will notice your body is changing shape, and you get flattering complimented on your success. Clothes fit much better and muscle now starts to grow. Lean tissue and muscular definition is greatly noticed by friends and family. You also notice your waist is getting smaller. This is a great your physical appearance has improved, but tendons are still weak at this point of your development. When it comes to tendon strength two month is a minuet amount of time. Are tendons a factor when it comes to weight training? Tendons are definitely important when it comes down to resistance (weight) training. It’s important to note when trying to build muscular aesthetic physique, most people underestimating the importance of tendon strength, and stability. Tendons are very fibrous, and for that reason have very poor blood flow. Blood flow is what’s needed to heal all cells since nutrients reside in our circulatory system.  Muscles have much better blood flow than tendons that mean lean tissue has quicker regeneration. That’s the reason why tendons take longer to respond and heal that muscle. How far are tendons behind muscle when it comes to physical development? Though scientific research it have been found that tendons usually trail behind muscular growth by at least two to five years. Remember if tendons are weak muscle will not adhere to bone; that could mean muscles separate from the skeletal structure that it is attached to. What is the best way to strengthen and develop tendons? Tendons develop over time and have to evolve at their own pace. You need to commit to a resistance program long term. A short-term commitment will give you more Muscular growth than tendon strength. What things do you need to implement to ensure tendon will strengthen? Here are a few things that can help greatly. First of all lifting heavy weights using compound and simple movements. That will make tendons stronger over the course of time. Sleep is another underestimated factor when it comes to tendon strengthening. Resting is where the human body rejuvenates and heals from the catabolic break down of cells. Tendons also recover and heal at rest. Remember diet is important when talking about regenerating cells. Eating the correct food will helps tendons recover faster at rest. What types of athletes have the strongest tendons strength? There are other athletic event that will improve tendon strength faster that weights . Individuals that have been rock climbing for many years will have greater tendon development that a person that lifts weight. If you compare two humans one has been lifting weight for two year, and the person has been rock climbing for two year. What would be the end result of these two athletic events when talking about tendons development? The weight trainer would have more muscularity, and tendons would not be as developed as the rock climber. The rock climber would not have the lean tissue mass like a person that train with resistance (weights) but would have greater tendon hypertrophy. In other word climbing rocks will improve grip strength, which results in stronger tendons.
How important is diet when referring to fitness? Nutrition is what we use to form energy, heal cells, to create bio mechanical movements, and the biggest reason of all is to sustain life. 75% of your athletic output is formulated by sound nutritional choices. There are many different types of diets available to the public. How does a person decide on what type of eating regimen is right for them? There are many facets to consider when it comes to such a decision. An athletic individual needs more fuel just like a high-performance car. The more explosive your athletic output becomes the more calories are needed. A sedentary person need not consume vast amounts of calories. Because food is not being used to create energy (not being burned off). There are so many choices when talking about eating regiments. Such as keto, paleo, zone diet, Atkins, HCG diet, Vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian. Too many choices to list the most important aspect of finding the correct diet are to make sure the diet is not harmful. Another thing to take into consideration is that most people like palatable food, so eat foods that taste good within reason of course. If nutritional food has no taste or bad taste failure will be inevitable. Most people want instant gratification when it comes to weight loss. There is no such thing. The HCG diet can cause tremendous stress on the body. HCG diets are very calorie-restrictive. HCG diets consist of between 400 to 600 calories in total. Of course, weight will be lost through starvation; those calories states are lower than an average adult BMR that is not a good thing. BMR (basal metabolic rate) is the number of calories needed at rest to sustain bodily function. Some HCG side effects are restlessness, depression, irritable, and extreme moodiness. Try to choose a nutritional plan that is balanced in all three macro nutrients (protein, fats, carbs,). Eat the right food and take in enough calories for athletic output. One of the most important things one needs to remember when its time to eat is the food load. That’s the amount of food one eats per sitting. Why is it important to keep food load moderate or low in a single sitting? There are three places most calories will be stored muscle, liver and adipose tissue (fat). Fat has more receptors than both liver and muscle, so it would make sense if you overeat in a sitting some of those extra calories will store in adipose tissue. Muscle and liver absorb calories slower than fat, so when the body is trying to get rid of excess calories quickly fat would be the best choice for storage. That would mean an increase in fat cell’s overall size. What the most important meal of the day? All meals are important. Breakfast has often been labeled with being the best meal of the day. The word breakfast is really to word linked together. “Break the fast,” mean you have been fasting for 8 hours and its time to eat and break the fast. Blood sugar is extremely low calories are needed to replace the nutrients that are lost at rest. The healing process takes place while we sleep. We need to refuel well in the morning, so we can start our day with vigor and energy. What are some more important facts I need to know about eating the correct food for athletics? Supply and demand that simply means supply your body with enough calories so performance is at its maximum. Make sure you allow the body to heal at night and fuel your body well in the day so calories are available at night for healing. Make sure adequate water intake is taken into consideration. When you are two percent dehydrated your body’s work capacity (athletic output) decreases by 12 to 15 percent. Your diet should have great variety such as fruit, grains, and good fats complete proteins. Diet is very important if one wants to develop a symmetrical aesthetic physique.
What are the benefits of weight training? There are many benefits when it comes to resistance exercise. Weight training will make you physically stronger and makes your everyday biomechanical moments easier. ADLs (activities of daily living) are the Movements that we perform without a second thought. What are ADLs? Some Examples of ADLs are running, Walking, Cutting your lawn, Shopping, also your job. Weight training will also improve bone density, and help slow down Sarcopenia.

Is lifting weight truly beneficial? Believe it or not, training with weights destroys cells. We need to damage muscle first before anabolism can occur. After a weight training session muscles incur microscopic break down (tearing muscle). The healing process takes place when we sleep, and of course, the correct nutrition is an important factor. It can take up to three days to a week for the muscle to heal; sometime the healing process may overlap into the next workout, how fast you heal is on an individual basis. If you are an individual that trains quite often the healing process is usually faster. Because cells become accustomed to being broken down constantly muscle will make that environmental adjustment and heal faster. When one trains with weights frequent muscles will grow trying to keep up with the workouts that are being performed. After approximately 4 to 6 weeks the body will adapt to your weight training program and anabolism will occur. The heavier you lift the more muscular damage will occur. Muscle will be forced to adjust and will grow to handle its newfound stress, and that means muscle cellular growth (hypertrophy)

Does training with weight help with posture? Yes, we need strong muscle to keep us erect and upright. As we get older our back sometimes curves (back Flexion) this usually occurs because there is not enough muscle to support one’s skeletal frame. That would mean posture is lost, and a person will lose height as well as becoming a shorter human being. The Erector Spinae is a major muscle when it comes down to back support. It’s a muscle that helps with core support. Every exercise that is performed on one’s feet entails spinal erectors. Abdominals are the antagonist muscles to the back also helping with posture. The stomach and back are constantly contracting antagonistically when standing to keep you upright. Posture is mostly red slow type 1 muscle fiber. That simply means stand for a long period and muscles will not fatigue quickly.

Will weight training help one’s metabolism? Yes definitely, our Metabolism slows down with age. That’s normal of course, but there are a few things we can to help slow that process. Lifting weights will help muscle hypertrophy, and build more lean tissue will speed up your metabolism for both old and young individuals. I am sure you have heard the old folk’s tale about burning muscle. For every pound of lean tissue, you will burn 50 calories will be expended. The problem with this finding is its lack of scientific proof. The only thing that is known for sure is muscle is metabolically active which means lean tissue burns a tremendous amount of fuel, and Fat burns a lot fewer calories. Also, age is a big factor when talking about metabolism. Males produce the highest levels of testosterone at around 17 years old. When changing from a boy to a man lean tissue recovery is so much faster at that age, both lean tissue recovery and muscle fiber growth happen at a much higher metabolic rate.

What is Sarcopenia, and will weight training aid in the process of slowing down Sarcopenia? Sarcopenia is when cells break down faster than regenerate. Yes, resistance training will help slow down muscular degeneration due to age. A sedentary human being will lose approximately 3 to 5% of their skeletal tissue after the age of 30 years old. Sarcopenia usual accelerates around 65, but for the extremely sedentary it can start as soon as 60 years old. weight training is all about breaking down and destruction of muscle fiber. Then the body is forced to rebuild itself, and every time cells have to recover they adjust to their stressful environment. that simply means every time muscle is microscopically torn or ripped it will heal and grow larger. Lifting weight causes muscles to make constant anabolic adaptations. this process will slow down Sarcopenia by decades.