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As a fitness trainer, there should be quite a few fitness training facilities near you. The most successful fitness pros should frequent at least 10 of these facilities. So, I highly advise you incorporate each of these locations into your fitness business.

When you conduct business with new clients, you must discuss expectations. Not just expectations of them, but also your role as a personal trainer. Failure to do so will steer your training relationship in the wrong direction.

Miami Lakes Florida personal Trainers rules to live by

Be the best you can be

Forever strive to elevate your knowledge by investing in education and learn more about the fitness industry.

Be accountable

Hold your training clients responsible. Contact them regularly to support them so they stay on track with their goals.

Be kind to all of your client

It is vital to treat each person you train fairly. Treat every customer like they are your top priority.

Be flexible

Continually strive to change your client’s programs to yield the top outcomes. Specific fitness programs may not job best for a particular client; It is your job to be flexible, and find out what works for that person.

It is vital to be patient with each client. Be flexible!

Be prompt!

As an expert, you must respect your customer time. Make sure you are prompt at all times. Try to be at the location where you are going to train your client at least 10 min before the session starts.

As a fitness professional, you must be 100% focused at all times. Remember, your customer is paying you for a service. Remember it all about the client and not you. Focus entirely on customer service.


Remember, your clients are an extension of your business. Remember, if your clients like you, they will refer more clients in your direction. Miami lakes Florida personal practice makes it a habit to practice what they preach, and be an excellent example for their clients. Be an excellent example for clients to follow. Bear in mind, you are a walking billboard of fitness and health. Be the best that you can.

Being fun means training a client with energy. Bring your A-game to each session. Be inspiring and motivating. Your enthusiasm is contagious.

Be creative

Do not provide customers the same workout over and over again. Change things around, Be creative, doing so will keep customers interested, and motivated.

Be fair

Do not show favoritism to individual customers. Treat all your business clients fairly.