Master Trainer CPT

Mark Smith is one of our very best Personal Trainers Davie Fl . Mark has been involved in the bodybuilding, fitness and nutrition industry for over 28 years, and has been competing as a bodybuilder for 14 years. He loves being in the gym and helping others reach their goals. It is with great passion he teaches others how to manipulate their bodies through training and nutrition. Mark has been fortunate enough to have worked with countless trainers, professional bodybuilders and fitness athletes in the past; this has allowed him to learn from a diverse group while picking up pertinent information to pass on to his clients. Mark is also a proctor for the national federation of professional trainers (NFPT); that entails traveling the United States, and the world teaching individuals who want to become NFPT certified trainer. His responsibilities as a proctor for NFPT are to teach, train and test individuals who seek to become NFPT certified. Making sure students can pass on the gift of a healthier lifestyle to others.

SPECIALIZATIONS: Bodybuilding, Flexibility, Kettlebells, Lifestyle Coaching, Sports Conditioning, Senior Fitness, Core Training/Functional Training, Strength and Conditioning, Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning.

28 Years in the Fitness Industry

PTA Global/PT

NFPT Proctor 6 years

NFPT Certified Personal Trainer

NFPT Certified Nutrition Instructor

NFPT Certified Advanced Sports Nutrition Specialist

NFPT Certified Resistance training specialist

NFPT Certified Endurance training specialist

NFPT certified Master trainer

SBT Certified Instructor

TRX Certified Instructor

AIS Certified Stretching Coach

GRAVITY Pilates Reformed Instructor

GRAVITY Group Training Instructor

NPC Bodybuilding Champion