For most of us, having a schedule is essential to being able to get through life. We get up at the same time, eat breakfast at the same time, go to work at the same time, go back home at the same time; everything we do is dictated by a schedule in some way. Being on a schedule makes everything we do in our day-to-day lives easier, so why do so many people fail to keep a proper workout schedule when it can lead to an overall healthier life?
When you fail to create a workout schedule, the possibility of coming up with excuses not to go to the gym or to perform your workouts becomes even easier. After a long day at work or a stressful afternoon of picking up kids from soccer practice and running to get groceries before a play recital, it’s easy to forget about doing any exercise or just saying “I don’t have time today; I can afford to skip workouts tonight”.
Unfortunately every day that gets skipped puts your goals a day further ahead, it sends you a day backwards in your workouts. Maintaining a consistent workout schedule allows you to plan in advance, guaranteeing you are able to fit your routine in your schedule no matter how busy you are. If you know you have to exercise at 2PM, you could have woken up done your shopping a few hours earlier.
Not only does having a workout schedule allow you to consistently meet your goals for the week and reduce the chance that you miss a workout, being on a schedule actually makes the workouts easier to perform. Your body will naturally increase the rate at which it can consume oxygen (allowing you to work harder or exercise longer during your workouts) and the amount of exhaustion you perceive starts to lower with consistency. That basically means the longer you continue to exercise on a pre-determined schedule, the easier it’s going to seem (and reducing the risk you stop exercising).
So when is the best time to plan your workout schedule? That really depends on the person. You may be a morning person who likes to get up and exercise at the crack of dawn. Your schedule may suit noon workouts or evening exercises depending on your job. Having one of the personal trainers in Davie, Florida work with you to determine