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Weston Florida is a great place to live and EXERCISE

Whether you want to see alligators in the everglades, party on Florida Beaches or want to be a kid again at Disney world, Florida has it all! With such a variety of activities and sights it is no wonder that Florida is one of the most preferred vacation places in America. Hot sunny weather year round, lovely beaches, and old-world towns and eccentric characters of the Keys make Florida a globe apart. At nearly five hundred miles in Length Florida is a big state with a large variety of things to do. Off shore some of the top sports fishing in the globe can be done, while the southern most parts of Florida boast manatees and even dolphins.

NASA Florida space center welcomes 1000 of visitors per day and if you truly lucky you will have the chances to witness a space shuttle launch. Perhaps one the most special features of Weston Florida is the Everglades national park, a big area of south Weston Florida that is home to the USA only natural big reptile, the alligator. These big giants’ carnivores inhabit 1000 of acres of Swampland in lower Florida. The everglades are home to more than only gators though, a variety of animals, plants, and insects, many of which only reside in Florida. Weston Florida is not a best place to live and see. It is an also a stunning place to exercise.

Driving to the tour of Florida will bring you to the Florida Keys a chain of little island that stretch into Caribbean some 170 miles off the coast of Florida. Each more special than the next, the keys provides visitors a touch of Caribbean lifestyle and are of course worth seeing on your Florida holidays, exotic fish, Sandy beaches, shady palm trees and a host of remarkable towns and villages dot the landscape of the keys.

Florida will always be one of the top locations to visit, whether it is only a vacation or if you plan to stay! Speaking of staying, an amazing way to spend your holiday in Weston Florida is by renting a Villa. Not only do they provide you perfect feel for the place and make you feel more at house, but villas provide more facilities and space, such as your own swimming pool, kitchen and exercise place, and sometimes even your own games room and pool table.