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The average person is not exactly sure when the fitness craze began. One might say, “mid 80s,” but even the average person would admit (without hesitation) that the fitness craze is definitely gathering momentum. Today I would like to call everyone’s attention to a website that definitely takes advantage of the fitness craze,

Personal Trainers in Davie Florida

The homepage shows pictures of fully stocked gym. But unlike other gyms, nutritional supplements, exercise routines, and the like that have sort of popped up over night as the fitness craze gathers momentum, this site represents 5 personal trainers Davie, Florida. These personal trainers–Mark, Anna, Shirley, Amy, and Hector–will whip one in to shape and do so in a one-on-one environment.

Many people associate personal training with rich the rich population who have money to to spare (pay) for this one-on-one environment. This used to be valid, but this is no longer the case. As the page linked at the beginning of this paragraph asserts, if you are “Tired of the way you look and feel” and you “Want to change” things, “but don’t even know where to begin,” then “You need a personal fitness trainer. In this article I will review each of the 5 personal trainers in Fort Lauderdale (Davie), Florida that I have mentioned.

Mark is listed first among the personal trainers in Davie Florida because he has the most experience. Mark has worked in the fitness industry for 28 years and in this industry that kind of experience speaks volumes. For 14 of those years he has competed professionally in bodybuilding and he is now a National Physique Committee (NPC, a bodybuilding organization) champion. But, do not think he is the stereotypical bodybuilder. He also specializes in flexibility and lifestyle coaching; therefore, he is far from the classic example of a bodybuilder.

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Mark is also quite involved with the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT). The NFPT certifies him as a personal trainer, nutrition instructor, advanced sports nutrition specialist, resistance training specialist, endurance training specialist, and above all as a master trainer. He is so heavily involved in this organization, because (for the past 6 years) Mark has held the position of NFPT proctor. This means he is responsible for teaching, training, and testing others who seek NFPT certification. And the preceding are not even all of Mark Smith qualifications, to see more of them please open the link.

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The second personal trainer Davie, Florida on is Anna and she too is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) recognized by the NFPT. Anna has a variety of formal education when it comes to the science of exercise. Anna Lafargue qualifications page tells how she “studied with the Academy of Advanced Human Performance at San Diego University receiving her fellowship in Human Performance and Exercise Science.” After a while she decided to continue her formal “education to keep [abreast of] the rapid advancements in exercise, sports nutrition, body sculpting, lifestyle modification, and total body wellness. Anna is a registered and certified ‘Poliquin Biosignature Modulation Practitioner’.” She is also a certified nutritional needs coach; this certification is “from [the] Global College of Natural Medicine where she studied with Dr. Andrew Weil and completed course studies in the Guide to Optimum Health.”

She specializes in resistance training, circuit training, core stabilization and strengthening, stretching, warm¬-ups/cool-down, the improvement/enhancement of muscle strength, flexibility, circulation, and endurance. Anna helps clients ameliorate their body composition and accelerate “weight loss[, so as] to achieve both short term goals and establish [improved] lifestyle behaviors.”

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The next personal trainer in Davie, on is Shirley. The biggest thing Shirley Sandoval qualifications page shares is that she was an Olympic gymnast for 8 years in her youth. Shirley definitely puts the personal back in personal trainer, the page notes how she “develops customized training programs to meet each individual’s needs and objectives.” She has a B.S. degree in Exercise Physiology from Florida Atlantic university.

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The fourth personal trainer Davie, Florida on is Amy qualifications who is a nationally certified personal trainer and has worked in the fitness industry for 12 years. Her main accomplishment has been bringing “her competitive edge into pushing clients to their highest level of fitness” which she was able to do, because of her past competition in track and as a gymnast. She trains athletes in strength and muscle conditioning and also shows her clients “no matter what your goals are, you can push your body past its’ comfort zone to get results.” Amy is all about “challenges through one on one training, boot-camps, group training, circuit training, athletic training, youth training, and now obstacle race training. She has brought a variety of workouts to her clients to keep them motivated.”

The fifth and final personal trainer in Davie, Florida on is Hector. He is a Certified Personal Trainer and a bodybuilder. He is a former competitive NPC bodybuilder. He has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. Hector has also appeared in top name health and fitness magazines and web sites. He was also among the top 5 finalists in the North American Bodybuilding Championships in 2004, 2005, and 2009. This is a very condensed list of his qualifications and achievements, for further details about Hector qualifications please open this link.

Sooner or later, age will catch up with you, if you do not actively workout, you will start to feel fatigued and start to put on more weight than you would appreciate. But, for career women, it is very difficult to manage her time and schedule to give some time for working out at the commercial gyms. It is just not possible to do everything in a day and yet have only twenty four hours in it. Therefore, to take care of this problem wouldn’t it be just great if you could have Personal trainers Davie to come to your home or a community gym around you to give you your daily workout?

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A personal trainer can be the difference between a workout and a result bearing, effective workout. Certified Personal Trainers Davie have the expertise to understand your body type and give you specific exercises that bear the most results making your time and money worth its value rather than just doing basic workouts with minimal or no effect on your body. A personal trainer is more than just a trainer, he can be your nutritionist who can help you with the kind of diet you are required to have, and he can help you with the kind of supplements required for you to take apart from providing a safe and effective training technique. He or she can give you his undivided attention so that your workout is not compromised at any cost.

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A personal trainer who can come to you at your timing and at your place would be of utmost convenience for working women. This would enable them to schedule training sessions at their own time without having to tamper much with their daily routine. This will even save a lot of time required to go to the gym and adjust with the working hours of the gym. Personal Trainers Davie are professionally trained to provide an exhausting and fruitful workout with the minimal requirement for equipment. They would be able to gauge your strength and stamina and always push you harder to achieve more. This would mean that working women don’t have to neglect their body and their health for their family and work; they can stay fit and be on top of their game and not let age dictate the terms to them, rather have a healthy workout daily, look age in the eye and keep getting fitter and feel younger every day.

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