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Personal Trainers Boca Raton

Boca Raton Personal Trainers

Boca Raton LA Fitness
Better than LA fitness – our personal trainers are much more knowledgeable , have more credentials and will get you the results for your body makeover your looking for. Lose weight , tone up, contest prep, nutritional advice, diet regimens , cross fit functional training, high intensity training and more.

Great gyms to exercise in the city of Boca Raton Florida

Science of Fitness Exercise Inc

Science of fitness Exercise offers the only Fitness Concierge Service in Palm Beaches. Master Trainer Sean Kaptaine or Mark Smith is owner of Fitness Club. Customer seeking his service not just get the best that personal training has to offer but are offered with Private Yoga instructions as well as Therapeutic Massages. Science of Fitness Exercise also provides counseling that deals with underlining issues that cause many of the health problems plaguing Americans today.

Women are becoming more and more knowledgeable when it come to weight training. There was a time when women stayed away from the free weight(resistance training) section. Because women thought weight training would add unwanted muscle mass making them bulky. A woman’s natural testosterone level are much lower than a man’s. Thats why women are genetically smaller. Nothing could be further from the truth there are many reason why women should train with weights. First a females usually has a slower metabolism than a males. Because man are more anabolic(build muscle), and build muscle faster than women. Muscle is not easy to build for most women. For every pound of muscle acquired a human will burn 35 to 50 calories a day more. simply put that mean’s you will become more efficient burning fat machine(metabolically active). Resistance training is also good for mental well being. Natural steroidal hormones that increase in the body though stress are great decreased though when exercising. Weight training is a tool that can be used to fight depression. Exercise is a excellent way to release chemicals call endorphins. These endorphins give you a sense of well being, and reduce a humans reaction to pain. Bone density is something women should be concerned about. Males naturally have stronger bones than a female. weight training is a natural way for women to improve their bone density, so the risk of getting OSTEOPOROSIS can be minimized. Also, the chance of getting Diabetes is greatly reduced. weight training is anaerobic, so that requires the glucose as a fuel source, so all that extra glucose that’s in the bloodstream that can cause diabetes can not be used for energy instead.

Life Time Athletic, Boca Raton

Life Time Athletic Boca Raton provides unparalleled experience through certified fitness experts and fitness program to support the fitness and health goals and aspirations of our members. This health way of life destination provides outdoor and indoor pools, a medispa and full-service spa, a café that features a fit diet, nationally renowned group personal trainers and fitness instructors, a cutting-edge fitness equipment and indoor cycling studio. Our programming goals to exceed your expectations including weight loss programs, swimming lessons, yoga, kids activities, tennis league and lessons, Pilates classes, organized runs and much more.

Youfit Boca Raton

Youfit Boca Raton on Palmetto Park has been open since 1999! Placed on 1309 West Palmetto Park Road in Boca Raton, near the Kmart/Publix shopping center. In recent years this place has received upgraded equipment and strong renovation. This place is full of superior equipment, and homes a total of 35 cardio pieces, all without time limits. There are also showers and lockers always available to all remember.

Dirt Fitness

Dirt Fitness is the first class personal training strength training and workout of cardiovascular intervals using variety of training techniques to burn seven hundred calories in 40 minutes in a supportive group atmosphere. We provide set class times at our Personal training Studio and Boca Rotan gym. Each class starts with a certified trainer who demonstrates the day training regime with variations for all levels. They guide you through each round encouraging you to maintain actual form and pacing. Dirt Fitness is addictive because every day is different. Dirt Fitness offers heart pumping cardio, core strength exercises, and interval training techniques alternating between resistances.

Broken sound club Fitness center

The freshly remodeled Fitness Center includes new spinning room with complete Pilates room and interactive video, aerobic rooms. The Wellness Center provides rooms for physical therapy as well as private rooms. You will be surrounded by a dedicated, helping staff who will work alongside you to build a workout plan designed especially for you.