Personal Nutrition

Rules to remember when eating healthy
Eat only foods with ingredients that you can easily pronounce.
Try to eat at least every 3 hours don’t miss meals
Get rid of empty calories (junk food)
Healthy eating has to become a life style
Make sure to incorporate healthy fats in your diet
Eating healthy food will save you on hospital cost
Combine exercise with healthy eating
Drink a lot of water
Make sure you surround yourself with people that eat like you do(healthy), so there is no sabotage, family should be on board with you support each other.
Do not keep empty calories at home. We as humans are weakest at night. If junk food is not directly available to us we are less likely to eat it
Cut down on saturated fats and insulin spiking sugars.

Example diets

Choices for breakfast

Choices for brunch

Choices for lunch Choices for a snack

Choices for dinner

Choices for night or evening snack