When it comes to having the lean, sexy body everyone wants, nothing says “fit” like having a set of flat, ripped abs when you take off your shirt. But getting the stomach you want isn’t just about doing crunches for a few minutes—ab workouts and routines have evolved into a much more intricate process that mixes up workouts, involves different angles, and is all tied together with a proper nutrition program to help you trim body fat, exposing the muscle beneath.

When trying to exercise abs, thinking outside of the box can be exactly what it takes to go from a stomach you are ashamed to show off to the 6-pack you’ve always wanted. This holds especially true if you’ve tried the same sit-up and crunch routines over and over without seeing any progress and gains.

Your abs aren’t just one single mass that function in one direction which is one of the problems doing only crunches doesn’t address. By mixing up your routine with dynamic exercises like different types of planks (forearm planks, extended arm planks, etc.) and mountain climbers in addition to crunches or sit-ups, you can maximize your workout when trying to exercise abs.

When it comes to having a stunning, lean, sexy set of abs, though, your workout routine isn’t the only thing at play. A large part of having visible abs is reducing your total body fat which is highly affected by your food intake and nutrition. Instead of just trying to exercise abs, changing your diet in addition to exercise can give you the rapid gains you are looking for and quick visible change to your stomach.

Increasing the amount of protein in your diet and decreasing the amount of carbs you eat is a quick way to help your body transition into weight loss and build more abdominal muscle during your exercises. By increasing the frequency at which you eat and reducing the size of each meal your body will have an easier time absorbing nutrients which can also have a positive impact at how quickly your abs develop.

If you are having trouble getting the abs you want or just don’t know how to get started, having a professional trainer work with you to create a fat burning, muscle building routine can be the quickest way to get the body you want. Our professional fitness staff will create a customized exercise and nutrition program specifically tailored to your needs and goals so you have the lean, sexy abs you want in no time at all. Contact us now at ______________